A moving company improves productivity of drivers with new wireless technology


A moving company wished to “come out of the dark ages” and replace their LMR radio systems and many different cell phones with a new consolidated wireless plan. The owner also requested a better way to keep track of his drivers, deliveries, fuel costs, and time on the road. In addition, he wanted to make the sales process easier on his customers.


Dispatch workers and jobs more efficiently, minimize delays and costs with accurate tracking of goods, drivers and trucks, increase on-time delivery and improve customer satisfaction.


Sagewood began by replacing the many different handsets with new push-to-talk wireless phones. Dispatch teams now communicate immediately with the drivers to discuss dispatching, routing/re-routing and maintenance, thus leading to productivity gains. Drivers may also record a voice message with just the push of a button regarding status of a pickup or to report a problem while on their route, which is then emailed to dispatch so they may react accordingly. The mobile GPS capability ensures drivers stay on their route. Before the new solution, customers would have to sign several pages of a lengthy contract. The new wireless payment solutions on handsets allow customers to click approval boxes. Credit card payments are collected and tracked in a secure manner right before household items are placed on the truck. This improves cash flow with fast, paperless billing and reduces fraud and charge-backs with real-time authorization. Mangers have the ability to track the location of each truck at any time by logging into their desktop computer and viewing a map. They can also see odometer readings from their trucks, fuel efficiency, GPS coordinates and other fleet data directly from phones used by truck drivers. This information is then passed through a data network to the end user, who can pull reports via the Internet at the terminal or anywhere there is access to an Internet connection.

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