Case Study: An Online Pharmacy builds Redundancy into their network


An online pharmacy had outages with their provider and wanted to change carriers. They asked us to design a fully redundant system with the new provider that would allow inbound calls from customers to be received in case of T1 failure.


If their phones went down, they were unable to service their customers.


The new design: 

  1. Dual redundancy with T1 circuits brought in from two different central offices.
  2. Automatic switchover from a downed circuit to the others in case of an outage at any one circuit.
  3. Direct Trunk Overflow: In the event all circuits are down, all inbound calls are automatically forwarded (from the carrier’s switch) to copper back-up lines. These copper lines were ordered from a different local phone company in case the primary provider has a major outage.
  4. If everything is down, the customer can send all calls to cellular phones.
  5. If cellular phones are busy, customers may leave a voice mail.

Net result: The pharmacy was able to receive customer phone calls after a back-hoe dug up the telecom conduit in the street. 

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