Switching to a MPLS VPN network reduced a City Office telecom budget by 30%


A city in the County of San Diego, CA decided to take a closer look at their Internet and voice costs. The City relies heavily on communication between their 7 fire stations, police department and city offices. Uptime is crucial for 911 call dispatches originating from the main city office.


The City wanted to increase efficiency, gaining a more reliable, secure system with a faster response time, while reducing costs. 


The City added a fully meshed MPLS VPN Network with a carrier managed network firewall to use with new switches and routers they purchased. Now each location is linked to one another through the carrier’s private cloud network with increased data speeds at each location. For security, public Internet access runs through an active network firewall on the carrier’s switch with a passive network firewall backup in another data center 6 states away. This means there is only one gate to watch for security purposes. By combining VoIP service to run over the private data network, the city was able to cancel old circuits and copper lines and profit from free calls between locations. This solution greatly reduced overall monthly telecom costs and added redundancy. MPLS VPN provides a simplified, scalable managed network with enhanced WAN performance. 

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