A case study


About the client

A leading geodata specialist, collects and analyzes comprehensive information about the Earth and the structures built upon it.

Their platform provides visualization, reporting, and analysis capabilities through real-world 3D environments, and is powered by AWS Cloud. These models are developed by capturing images and data obtained from aircraft equipped with cameras and laser sensors, flying over customers’ infrastructure such as power lines, and then used by those companies to manage and maintain their assets.


Pain Points

The MSP couldn’t handle the growth from an infrastructure and policy perspective to go along with the numerous outages based on policies and limitations within the current environment. Since the organization was expanding across the US, the dental practice needed a uniform infrastructure and policies for future growth with a limited IT staff. The dental practice management company wanted a dynamic solution that could expand and deploy quickly, and wanted to know what the OpEx would be every time a new office was added.



The client established a high-performance network with direct connectivity between their main office and AWS Cloud – using virtual routing – enabling their specialist team to handle the company’s ingestion and processing operations in-house and deliver workloads to its platform more quickly and efficiently.



By establishing a high-performance Layer 3 network between their office and AWS Cloud, the client was able to:

  • Optimize the process of uploading, processing, and rendering data on its platform hosted in AWS Cloud by handling this in-house.
  • Minimize the time taken to complete the entire process and thus give end users quicker access to mission-critical data.
  • Eliminate any risk, time delays, and complications that could occur as a result of double handling data.
  • Scale their new connectivity up and down, as well as deploy data quickly and privately from their office to the cloud.
  • Save on operational and infrastructure costs by removing the need for a presence in the third-party Sydney data center and avoiding having to purchase a typically expensive router elsewhere.

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