Amy Cline, co-founder and President of Sagewood Group, started working directly for a telecommunications/data services provider in 1999. She was the lead sales executive in the nationwide roll out of services to hundreds of Hilton Hotels. She coordinated installations with vendors and support teams in 26 different markets around the country.

Her interactions with PBX and other equipment vendors allowed her to obtain hands-on experience in telecommunications operations. After completing numerous site surveys with her engineers, she became well-versed in the equipment side of the industry and was subsequently “field certified.” During her time as Agent Channel Manager she acquired the skills necessary to develop and support lower tier distribution.

While helping to grow her company from $15 million to $280 million, she submitted many internal recommendations to improve her company’s products, services and efficiency. One of these resulted in a new product that now generates over 1M in annual revenue.

Recognizing one company couldn’t provide the best solution to all businesses, Amy started Sagewood Group, Inc. in 2004 with her father. Now serving as Sagewood’s President, she delivers cutting-edge solutions to clients, custom-tailoring them to fit each individual need.


Ray Cline, co-founder and President Emeritus of Sagewood Group, brings to the table over 30 years in most aspects of business. With a degree in metallurgical engineering he served as an engineer and, later, a production supervisor in an aluminum mill. Individually, he was a top salesman, domestically and in Asia. He directed a large sales force while living in Saudi Arabia.

He had profit and loss (P&L) responsibility as a District Manager and then as a Regional Manager for a company which manufactured for, and distributed to, the construction industry.

He honed his business skills as an Executive Analyst for a management consulting firm. In this role he went into a wide range of businesses, identified major issues holding them back, and put them on the right track.

Ray’s understanding of how businesses work ensures Sagewood’s clients receive the services they really need to operate efficiently and productively.