Square Pegs

“You can’t put a square peg in a round hole.” All of us have heard this old saying, and most of us have used it. It is simple, yet profound. It professes a sentiment that is universal to the human experience. Happy results seldom occur when solutions are mismatched to problems.  A bicycle is not the best vehicle to use for going down snow covered hills. You can dig a hole faster with a shovel that you can with a spoon. A truck is a better choice for hauling logs than a Miata.

We have adopted, “Square Holes? Square Pegs®” at Sagewood because it conveys what we are about. Instead of taking a handful of services (pegs) from a provider and trying to find customers for them, we go the other way. We go into a client with no preconceived notions. We take a detailed look at their operation- what they have, what they are trying to do, what changes may occur in the future. We determine the exact size and shape of their “hole.” Then, and only then, do we start matching the client’s requirements with services and providers.

We know that there are many pegs out there. Round ones, square ones, even some hexagonal ones. Big ones, little ones. All kinds. Why try to jam a round peg in a square hole when there are plenty of square pegs available?