What We Do

Sagewood Group, Inc. helps businesses operate better with lower overhead. We do this by ensuring that the business has the “right” voice (telecommunications) and data services at the best available price. First, we analyze both the immediate and the future needs of your business. We find out what you do and how you do it. We then look at the hundreds of services available from the many service providers. Finally, we recommend services that will make your business better and your life easier.

Why do business with us?

You spend less of your TIME
If you deal directly with service providers, you must talk with several providers to obtain reasonable services at reasonable prices. That means spending time with many different peddlers, answering questions again and again. Additionally, you end up explaining what you need several different times. We handle this for you so you can spend your time running your business.

Sales people who work directly for carriers can only sell what their companies have to offer. They have access to a limited product set, which often leads to their shoving “square pegs in round holes.” We work with multiple providers to bring you the best solutions offered by the entire industry.

Many sales people, including most Agents, just try to replace what you already have with the same service, cheaper. As you might expect, this approach seldom gets you what you need (especially if you don’t know what you already have).

Our goal is simple: To improve the way you communicate. No unused services, no over-billing, just the right stuff.

You GET what you pay for
Since we do business with all of the major providers, we know who has the best price. Coming from inside the industry, we also know who “screws up” their installs and who has problems keeping their network operating. Our recommendations are based upon both price and quality.

You get MORE than you pay for
While often expensive, good telecommunications consultants provide valuable services. They analyze invoices and contracts to ensure customers are not paying for services they didn’t order. They determine customer’s real needs and develop solutions which best fit those needs. They obtain quotes, negotiate with carriers and evaluate the different proposals. After selecting the appropriate service provider, they manage your installation, coordinating with vendors to assure a smooth transition. By dealing with us you get the benefits of basic level communications consulting without having to pay for it.