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Amy Cline

President and Co-founder at Sagewood Group

Amy helps businesses communicate more efficiently with lower overhead.
She assists businesses with unique ways to ensure voice and data uptime, connect multiple offices, develop cloud migration strategies and protect remote workers from cyber threats.
In response to a customer who suffered from repeated outages during rainstorms, she created a disaster recovery product that resulted in millions of dollars of new revenue and became an industry standard.
In her former role, Amy was the lead account executive on the roll-out of communications services to Hilton Hotels in 26 markets. She has worked with a variety of clients across many industries; such as hospitality, healthcare, governments, logistics, manufacturing, legal, biotech – and more.
Amy enjoys educating clients about the newest communication technologies, cybersecurity strategies and pitfalls during provider transitions. Amy’s goal is to help businesses secure the right solutions at the best price. You can expect 100% transparency, great advice, no redundant services and just the right stuff.
On a personal note: Amy is a San Diego native who loves the outdoors. You may find her snowboarding down a steep mountain, riding dirt bikes, dancing salsa or hiking with her husband and two Great Pyrenees dogs.

Our Philosophy

Enlightened Self Interest

Many companies and individuals operate on the basis of self-interest. We see this in children as they angle for the “biggest piece” each and every time. Many adults try to make the most money for themselves on every transaction while putting in the least amount of effort.
In telecommunications, some agents decide which service provider to sell based primarily upon who pays the agent the highest rate. A few consultants demand fees from their clients for analyzing needs and recommending service providers. Then, they accept a “finder’s fee” from the provider for placing that client’s business with the provider.
While self-interest comes from a natural instinct, it is a flawed concept.
It may work in “one-off” transactions, but it is not an effective model for the long term. Children who always get stuck with the small piece will usually find someone else to play with. Customers gravitate towards companies that treat them fairly and offer reasonable prices.
In business “enlightened self-interest” recognizes that being profitable is essential. But, the concept requires that a company take the long view. Customers are hard to acquire. It is better to keep the customers a company has than to expend the time and effort to replace them. And, it is easier to obtain customers initially by offering extra service and real value.
At Sagewood we have adopted “enlightened self-interest” as the governing concept to assure our long term success. Instead to trying to squeeze the last dime out of every transaction, we want repeat business, and we want referrals. The best way to achieve these objectives is to put the customers’ needs first. If we take good care of our customers, they will take care of us.

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