Sagewood now offers a managed security service that rivals all others and costs less. In summary:

  1. It’s a distributed network of passive security sensors that takes a different approach to monitoring customer infrastructure.
  2. It’s Patent Pending Technology
  3. Within minutes of turning on this service you will have the most advanced detection tool on the market with better detection capabilities than fortune 5 companies.
  4. The network detection tools you use have to be invisible and secure. This patent pending technology allows the provider of this service to hide from your attackers. They never know they are there and their patent pending self-healing technology allows them to defend against an attacker attacking them.
  5. This solution can detect attacks that are unknown and 100% of the time when placing this at a customer site they have seen active threats on the customer network.
  6. Where most detection tools use signature-based only detection tools, this solution uses methods able to detect attacks and threats better than any other service.
  7. Person Analyst team of Cyber Experts monitoring every log
  8. Anomaly
  9. Heuristic
  10. Intelligence
  11. Signature
  12. Full Packet Capture Analysis
  13. The customer portal allows customers to:
  14. Detect software versions on their workstations and servers that are out of date
  15. Know when and where PII like social security and credit card numbers traverse your network
  16. Know without a doubt when your company policies and regulatory requirements are not being met
  17. Provide you with real time status on compliance objectives and identify systems and users that need to be brought back into compliance.
  18. At no additional charge this service offers:
  19. Real-Time Web Site Usage Tracking
  20. True bandwidth Monitoring
  21. Real-Time Workstation and Server Software Inventory Tracking