Sagewood Group is an independent energy advisor for companies across the United States. W­­­e offer market knowledge and analyses that will help determine which energy solutions best match your needs and budget and are available in your area. We will handle all of your energy-related research, analysis, and supplier negotiations while you manage your business.


To date, electricity is deregulated in 24 states. Whether its seasonal fixed pricing, variable market pricing, or a blend of the two, we’ll identify the energy strategies, programs, and suppliers that will best meet your electricity needs and stay within your budget.

Natural Gas

To date, gas is deregulated in 21 states. With the knowledge gained from an energy audit, your business can manage the highly unpredictable cost of natural gas. We’ll customize your natural gas supply solution based on your energy profile and your purchasing behavior. Then we’ll provide you with several options that offer distinct levels of flexibility and price risk.

Whether the best solution for your company is a fixed price, variable market pricing, or a blend of the two, we’ll help you identify the right plans and the right suppliers.

Pricing Options

Fixed Pricing allows you to lock in established future prices, creating a predictable budget and avoid potentially painful upswings in energy prices. Fixed pricing is designed for the business that prefers strict budget control.

Variable Pricing is often the right choice for organizations that can tolerate fluctuations in their electricity costs. Prices can change frequently depending on market factors. Depending on your energy profile, you may have a choice between Day Ahead and Real Time electricity pricing.

Blended pricing is intended as a “price hedge” that seeks a balance between price certainty and variable prices. Depending on your risk tolerance and electricity requirements, your company may benefit from a Blended Pricing approach, if it is available in your area. 

Demand Response

Demand Response programs are designed to help reduce consumption by commercial power users during periods of high demand. In many states, power grid operators offer financial incentives to customers who agree to lower their energy consumption during periods of peak demand. The intent is to prevent power grid failure. Our energy audit can help you ascertain which Demand Response program offers the best incentives for your company.

Renewable Energy

Numerous clean energy projects are under development nationwide as the country deals with its growing energy demands. We can help you make informed decisions regarding renewable energy purchases from the leading suppliers of sustainable energy-hydro, wind, and solar. 

If you want an alternative energy installation for your business, we’ll help you evaluate alternatives like wind turbines and solar arrays.