Sagewood Group is an independent sales agent for providers of business wireless service.  We can arrange mobile service from the fIve major US providers:  AT&T, Clear, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon.

Wireless Phones

From iPhones, Android, Blackberry and more, Sagewood can get you the hardware you need at affordable prices. 

Wireless Service

Consolidating usage minutes across your entire company maximizes savings and decreases spend. We study each rate plan and usage patterns, including pooling plans, roaming usage, text, SMS, Data Cards, and International usages. We’ll help you uncover abuse, mistakes or misuse within your business.

Unified Communications

With unified communications all your communications services are in one place. Services like call control – “find me, follow me,” access to office data files, or integrated voice mail, email, SMS and fax. With tools that mirror the office work environment, employees have easy access to important information when it’s urgently needed.  

Visual Messaging

Going completely mobile has its benefits. With voice mail-to-text, you can access voice mail messages from everywhere. Consolidate your office, home and mobile devices in a visual format on your handheld. Significantly enhance productivity while retaining a typed record of correspondence.